by Asphodel Meadows

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if it isn't obvious from listening, i am recording these on a cell phone. the idea behind this project was to put as much of myself into writing these songs as possible, and posting whatever the results may be. working on these demos has been one of the most cathartic things i have ever done in my life, and it has greatly improved my relationship with my music. Even if I can't sing, I'm still very proud of these


released March 26, 2017

Nick Ochoa - Vocals, Guitar
Toby - was still a cat

all songs/lyrics written by Nick Ochoa
album art by Maddie Nippert



all rights reserved


Asphodel Meadows Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: demo 1
this heart so complacent
with just being stepped on
this mind so forgetful of nights where I held your hand

and I know
that these dreams of drowning
and strangling darkness
are just ways the night brings
memories of who I am

and you
were everything I thought I knew
were everything I thought I wanted
were everything I thought I knew
how could it not be enough

these bedroom walls shrinking
foundation collapsing
razor sharp teeth from the floor
to swallow me whole

stay away
your touch how it burns me in ways so beguiling
insidiously creeping your way
underneath my skin
Get out of my head

and I
always knew I wasn't worth your time
always knew that you would not be mine
Always knew I wasn't worth your time
but I never thought I'd leave you behind
Track Name: demo 3
mind unraveling
heart convulsing
lungs collapsing
self destructing

i have failed you
i can't love you

don't give to me
callous pity
you'll destroy me
you won't hurt me

I will fail you
I can't love you

and this heart knows
that I can't control
the things this mind will do
if i love you

which me will you see
how could you love me
Track Name: demo 4
now i know
everything you said to me
meant nothing at all
and i can't believe
we watched storm clouds
bleed into rose skies

you told me
you'd stay
but now i can't
look up at the stars
where you came from
look up at the stars
where you will return
look up at the stars
where we came from
look up at the stars

lie through your teeth

you took down the sky

now i can't
look up at the stars
where we came from
look up at the stars
where we will return